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About Us

Not Your Average Advertising Agency

A different kind of advertising agency, Prime Target has been years in the making. Founder Felix Suarez has spent well over a decade on both the agency and client sides which gives him a unique understanding of the industry’s shortcomings in its relationships with clients. 

As a client and in different positions from specialist to executive roles Felix experienced in the flesh the trust issues inherent to the standard pricing models used in the advertising industry. These issues shape agency-client relationships in ways that are actually detrimental for both.

Prime Target Digital is a lean, performance focused agency that distills trust. Our direct, no bull approach has been tested  over years of consulting practice. Our clients trust us and they know that when we recommend higher budgets it’s because of real opportunity and not because we make more on management fees. The only thing that can separate us from a client is incompetence. To borrow a great line from one of our favourite shows “This is the way”.      

How we're different and why you'd like that

Flat Pricing

Our custom pricing structure is based on clients needs and it makes for not just predictable and easier accounting but also better financial planning and profitability.

Not Just Ads

Ask any of our clients and they'll say that we go beyond just managing their accounts. We're always providing additional value that gives you way more bang for your buck.

Hard Data

We don't waste your time with vanity metrics and fluffy reports. We report on hard data that matters. We don't promise and back up our recommendations with numbers.

The Right Fit

We're very selective when taking new clients. We think it's best to not take on a job that's not a good fit for both. But if we are, we could even share budgets if it makes sense. It's happened.

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